CODE : 49



Paracide is medication to treat external parasites in Koi and Goldfish (Skin fluke, Gill fluke, Trichodina, Anchor worm and Fish lice) It is a concentrated liquid form, to use in big ponds, but can be adjusted for smaller home pond. Use "Paracide" in conjunction with "Bac Stop" for quarantine tanks, when adding new arrivals, to prevent any external bacterial and parasite outbreak.

How to use:

Use 0.5-1 cc per 1000 liters of water Treat 1time per day, for 3 days and repeat once per week 2 times (day 1,4,7,14,21) for cure complete parasite cycle

Notice: should mixed Paracide with water in bowl before pour to pond or in filter chanel for faster spread, Don t put direct nearby to fish